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NUSA PENIDA - island

Nusa Penida is located 25km from Bali. The island is Hindu and the Balinese people visit it a lot. He drives mainly into the Temple of Ped, where the feared demon I Macaling resided. Balinese is obliged to come to pray to him at least once in his life and bring him many sacrifices to keep him in friendship.

Nusa Penida Island is about 25 km from Bali, 40 minutes by boat from Sanuru or Padangbay. The island is about 70 km long and its coastline forms white sandy beaches with seagrass fields from the north, wild rocky shores with charming beaches from the east, monumental several hundred yards high cliffs from the south, and the rocky Toyapakeh Canal from the west, also situate the PENIDA DIVE RESORT . The phenomenon of this area is the Toyapakeh Channel between Ceningan and Nusa Penida, the deepest channel between the islands in the world, with a depth of 250 meters is large unknown of the local waters. There are 5 streams surrounding Nusa Penida that bring plankton to guarantee the richness of underwater life.

There are about 40 local villages on the island. Capital Sampalan is located to the north and you can also find a ferry port.

The main livelihood of natives is seaweed (food, cosmetics) and fishing in the northeast of the island near Suana. The island is hilly and the highest mountain Mundi measures 503 m. The island has asphalt roads that are made for motorcycle expeditions. The route along the north coast is also suitable for cycling trips. The island is inhabited by about 40,000 natives who are largely HINDUISMUS and only a small community in Toyapakeh are Muslims.

Climate is dry here without significant rainfall from May to October. The rainy season is here from December to the beginning of March.

The most interesting places on the island is the Karangsari holy bat cave, one of the most prestigious Hindu temple PED, the beautiful Tembelin canyon with freshwater lake and hindu temple, the bamboo rock path, the charming beach between the rocks of Last Beach, the views of the south coast of Kelingking beach, the sea crater – Angeles Billabong and Broken beach and the most breathtaking a natural swimming pool or romantic sandy beaches on Crystal Bay.

Nusa Penida Island is better for a longer stay and we recommend at least 3-5 days to discover it. We recommend 5-7 diving days for divers. Diving cameras and photographers interested in MOLA MOLA documentation are recommended for 7-12 days.



Nusa Penida - Marine Reservation since 2010

Area:  20 057  hectares

              1 142  hectars of coral reefs

                 296  species of coral

                 576  species of fish,five of which are identified as new species

                 230  hectars of mangrove forest with 13 diferent mangrove species

                 108  sea grass fields containing eight species of sea grass


Places to go

Angel´s Billabong alias Manta point

is a large cave that has lost its roof over time. You are watching from above because the water comes with a tide, it has a small beach, but it is not accessible on the ground. A great place to take photos and manta rays can be seen from the beach because they often swim on surface. It is also possible to see the dolphins, and when you have good eyesight also turtles when breathing on the surface. Angel billabong is about 200 meters away, it is a natural slime pool - best seen at low tide. Be careful when climbing down and swimming. At high waves at sea this place is not safe, the wave could flush you into the sea. There is also a chance to see the manta rays floating on the surface.


Broken Beach

Would you like to see manta rays and you do not want to dive? In the bay of Broken Beach, the elegant mantas often run, wait on the rock and watch the sea. When you are lucky, the manta will show you its white fin. You can also see turtles.. Just carefully at this exclusive venue unfortunately does a good road. Tens of meters of really unpaved broken road that is full of bigger stones. But do not give up, even if you have a piece on foot.

Kelingking Beach

a charming sandy beach, a rocky hillside, and a blue sea. At first sight paradise! But do you know why nobody is warming up on the beach? The downhill runs quite difficult, so most tourists only enjoy the view

Crystal Bay

a very nice place for snorkeling. Safely is the left side of the bay, do not swim beyond the big mooring. Here you spend more time under water than on the beach itself. Below the sea you feel like in a huge aquarium. Lots of fish of all colors, including Nemo clowns and sea turtles. Get to the sand and relax and wait for the beautiful sunset.

Atuh Beach

They lead two paths there. One upstairs and the second - harder - not even marked on maps. Beautiful beach surrounded by high cliffs, fine sand and interesting rock formation in the sea. Several sun umbrellas with deck chairs and small snacks are also included.

Atuh Raja Lima

An unforgettable experience is the beautiful view of the "Thousand Islands" near Atuh Beach. Make sure you do not miss this beautiful prospect. The path leads here more or less along the asphalt road, and downstairs are the safe stairs with rope railing.

Goa Giri Putri (Karangsari)

An amazing Hindu temple in a huge limestone cave. Approximately one hundred and fifty really high stairs are waiting for you. At the top you are looking for a "door" to the cave and, behold, there is only a small crack at the entrance, which you have to almost quench. Even sign up for a guestbook and pay 20,000 admissions.

After a few feet on all fours, he can stand on his feet. Really unique place with a very mystical atmosphere. There are several ceremonies for meditation here. If you are lucky, you can witness a true ceremony. As tourists you can also attend, just remember to take off your shoes. Instead, it can hold up to 5,000 believers, but it really has to crack in the seams. On the way you will meet several flying bats. At the end of the cave you can enjoy stunning views of the hills, but this exit does not leave, returning back the same way.


It is located on the southern side of the island. Here is the last piece of the forest. By the way, you can get to the sea, where it is not definitely safe to bathe as waves are. There are natural pools with spring water where you can cool down. The source is sacred. There is also a temple. It is possible to walk along the coast.

Peguyangan Guyangan – vodopád

There are no rivers on Nusa Penida, it is a very dry island where the rainy season starts from December to early March. So there is no waterfall. Interestingly, there is a waterfall in every guide and map. Apparently it was described without reality being checked. The place that everyone calls a waterfall is in any case beautiful, amazing. It is located on the southern side of the island, with 200 meters of cliffs. You drive by car or scooter to the end of the cliff where you have beautiful views of the sea and there is a chance to see manta rays or dolphins. Downstairs lead the stairs, partly carved into rocks and partly iron. Go down to the ledge where you are only a few meters above sea level. A spring of spring water flows from the rocks, which they call the waterfall. Previously there was the opportunity to bathe in the natural pools of stones where the water flowed. Today there is a temple built. With anxiety, where local people are able to build temples.

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