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Snorkeling with Manta rays

Duration 1 day
Price 19€

Around Nusa Penida is beautiful coral reef, which can see also snorkelers. The most interesting is snorkeling with manta rays. There are rich coastal reef full of corals and fishes like an aquarium.

Snorkeling trip is every day. Normaly goes to 3 places. Manta bay, Gamat bay and Toyapakeh. If you want to order this trip, call or write minimum a day before. Snorkelers come to Penida Dive resort in the morning 7:45AM, collect snorkeling equipment and go with captain to the boat. Start at 8AM. In the morning are mostly not big waves. Manta rays are living on the south of Nusa Penida, thats why we can seeing them all year. They also have own schedule so not all day they spent close to drop off. Mostly when is low-tide and its current, they come to their place for feeding and when is high tide, not current, they come to cleaning stations. We can see manta rays from south until west cliffs on Nusa Penida. Just not all places are safety for people. We use places where is very big chance meet manta and where is not current. But sometimes can be waves. We follow tidechart and we can see if is prediction of wind and big waves. Captain has full power decide when is not safety continue to south. This time snorkeling will be on diferent dive sites. 

In Gamat bay are nice corall reef in shallow water with fishes.

In Toyapakeh are nice coral reefs with a lot of fish and special place is around glass boat of Quicksilver where is chance meet Giant travely, unicornfish, etc...

Also very nice are dive site on the noth part of Nusa Penida, where are coral reefs with a lot of fish and big chance to see turtles.

I recommend to take: swimming suit, T-shirt, camera.

From November - June is temperature of the sea 28-30 degrees, from July - October 24-20 degrees.

After snorkleing trip you get lunch in our restaurant. Choose Indonesian food ( Mie goreng, Nasi goreng or Bihung goreng ).



Snorkeling places: Manta bay, gamat bay, Toyapakeh

Time: start 8AM, finish 11AM

Come at 7:45 to Penida Dive resort

At 8AM leave with captain to boat

At 11AM return and have a lunch.



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